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General Chemical Safety

  • Read first aid procedures printed on the product's label before using the product. If the product gets on your skin, in your eyes, is swallowed, or is inhaled, follow the correct procedure which is clearly printed on the label.
  • Deal with all spillages as per the manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Always add chemical to water and NOT water to chemical.
  • Make sure acids and alkali products are stored seperately.
  • DO NOT use contents of unlabelled containers.
  • Keep an arm's distance away when opening the container.
  • Open all pool chemical containers carefully.
  • NEVER mix pool chemicals with any other substance.
  • NEVER mix different types of pool chemicals
  • All pool chemicals should be stored in their original containers
  • Read the label of your latest delivery and look for changes in advice
  • Use only as directed by the information on the label or as advised by your supplier
  • Rinse containers after use and before disposal
  • Ensure all chemicals are accompanied by appropriate MSDS