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How much hth do I need?

Enter your pools details to calculate the volume of the pool and the amount of product you would need, using either a hth granualr/briquette product OR hth Shock, to acheive a specific rise in chlorine levels.

This is a guide and you should always under dose chemicals and allow enough time for the chemical to work before adding more. Consult our Technical Services Team for more information.

NOTE - Recommended standard DAY TANK dosing rate is: 
1 x blue scoop (700g) of Granules or Briquettes per 20 Litres of water 


step 1: Calculate the volume of your pool

Pool Length metres
Pool Width metres
Average Depth of Pool metres
Your pool volume:  m3

step 2: The amount of hth required to give a desired rise in chlorine

Your pool volume  m3
Desired chlorine rise mg/l

You will need:

hth Granular/Briquette (67% average available chlorine content)
   grammes /      kilos

hth Shock (78% average available chlorine content)
  grammes /     kilos